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2013 Nevada Legislative Session Summary– Part 3

Posted in Foreclosure, Nevada Business Law, Nevada Legislature, Taxes

In the final part of the summary on the 2013 legislative session, we discuss bills that the legislature considered but failed to pass into law.  Those bills include:

Senate Bill 160, which would have barred lenders from pursuing deficiency judgments against foreclosed-upon homeowners of single family dwellings.

Senate Bill 188, which would have made English the official language of Nevada.

Assembly Bill 201, which would have increased the rate of assessment of property taxes, among other things.

Assembly Bill 369, which would have required coverage relating to the diagnosis and treatment of certain autism spectrum disorders in health insurance plans.

Additionally, there was a rash of bills relating to firearms, most relating to concealed firearms, all of which failed to become law, including: AB 143 (concerning where concealed firearms may be taken); AB 195 (concerning the renewal of concealed firearm permits; AB 232 and SB 137 (both of which would have allowed people top conceal firearms without a permit);SB 76 (which would have revised the definition of concealed and concealable firearms); SB 226 (which would have allowed for Nevada drivers licenses to include reference to concealed weapons permits and made other revisions to concealed weapons laws); SB 221 (concerning the possession of firearms by persons with mental illnesses); and SB 396, which would have limited prohibited the possession of certain high capacity ammunition magazines.

The Nevada legislature does not convene in 2014.